Cascade Alpha 4-7% High yielding American aroma type. Used for Northwest Pale Ales. Classic grapefruit aroma. Originally a Fuggle cross, mid-season, good yield and excellent pickability. Good resistance to downy mildew, susceptible to aphids. Moderate storageability.

Centennial Alpha 9-11% Brewers' Gold outcross. Often called a super Cascade, floral and citrus aroma. Mid-season, good growth habit, good yield. Moderate mildew resistance, good storageability.

Challenger Alpha 6.5-8.5% Beautiful plant, large cones. Late season Northern Brewer type with resistance to downy mildew. Plenty of lupulin, easy to pick, high yield. Excellent storageability. Nice earthy/spicy aroma, good dual-purpose hop.

Czech Saaz Alpha 3 – 4.5% The classical “noble” aroma hop with long and strong traditions. Associated with the renowned Pilsner lager. Very mild with pleasant hoppy notes.

Chinook Alpha 12-14% Golding cross, good storage, moderately resistant to downy mildew and insects, strong growth, high yield and good pickability. Pine/Grapefruit aroma.

Fuggle Alpha 4-5% Low yielding, early ripening traditional English aroma type. Aroma is mild, woody, fruity. Nice neat growth habit, easy picking, moderate storage and moderate resistance to downy mildew.

Golding Alpha 4-5% North American Golding bred from East Kent Golding stock. Mild, sweet and spicy aroma, classic English type. Strong growth, long branches. Sensitive to downy mildew. Good storageability, moderate yield.

Hallertau Alpha 3.5 – 5.5% Traditional German variety, originally selected in the area of the same name. Lager, Pilsner, Bock, Wheat, Kölsch, Munich Helles, Belgian-Style Ales. Limited acreage grown, though seeing increased popularity among craft-brewers.

Magnum Alpha 12-14% German Hallertauer hybrid, good storage stability. Moderate yield, resistant to downy mildew, susceptible to powdery mildew. Primarily a clean bittering hop.

Mt Hood Alpha 5-8% Hallertau type, very vigorous, high yielding, early maturing. Moderately resistant to downy mildew. Good storageability. Very popular hop in the Pacific Northwest, overwinters well.

Northern Brewer Alpha 8-10%, a high-alpha dual-purpose hop, may be a replacement for Chinook. Early/mid season, good yield and pickability. Excellent storageability. Resistant to aphids & mites, susceptible to downy mildew and heat stress. Excellent aroma.

Nugget Alpha 12-14% Mid-season dual-purpose hop with excellent storageability and strong growth habit, good yield. Clean herbal aroma. Resistant to downy mildew, susceptible to spider mite.

Sterling Alpha 6-9% Saaz Hybrid, aroma and oil composition very similar to Saaz. Herbal, spicy with a hint of floral and citrus. Moderately resistant to downy mildew, good yield mid-season harvest. Good storageability.

Willamette Alpha 4 – 6% A quality aroma hop. All English-style Ales, and US Pale and Brown Ales. Currently the most widely grown aroma hops in the US. Mild and pleasant, slightly spicy.